Diagnosis or not...

For this post I'd like to first encourage all of you NOT to focus on a diagnosis.  While knowing exactly what's wrong with you and having a name to research is wonderful, sometimes modern medicine doesn't do us any favors.  If you've tried a gluten free diet and you feel better on it, stick with it.  As long as you don't have any other major symptoms or you're not feeling better with a gluten free diet, don't stress over giving yourself a "title".  There are a thousand degrees of gluten intolerance, ranging from "Gluten? What's that?" to "Don't even SAY the word gluten in my presence!"  Trust your body and go with your gut...literally.  :)  For those of you without a diagnosis, please feel free to substitute the words "Gluten Intolerance" wherever I say "Celiac Disease".

Whether you've tested positive for Celiac Disease or you just know that you feel better when you follow a gluten free diet, the "Rules" for how to keep your body happy and healthy are the same.  We've talked about a lot of these "rules" in previous blog posts.  For today I'd like to focus on WHERE to do your research on your new lifestyle.  There are reputable websites which feature phenomenally helpful information, as mentioned in a previous post, like BeyondCeliac.org and Celiac.com.  I'm thinking about the not-so-formal places that I have found still provide invaluable information for us!


GlutenDude.com has a website and Facebook page, and he challenges all kinds of "gluten free" claims.  If you have a product or a brand you're questioning, look up his page.  He may be able to answer your questions through research he's already done!

GlutenFreeWatchDog.org is a website devoted to following up on "gluten free" claims.  They do a ton of research, even calling manufacturers and packaging companies to follow up on the procedures behind their labeling.  They have a rating system for safety that can easily tell you their opinion of the safety of the product you're researching.

GlutenFreeOnAShoestring provides some tried-and-true recipes if you're an at-home gourmet. 

MamaKnowsGlutenFree.com is also an excellent source for delicious, realistic recipes.


I hope some of this information is helpful for you; feel free to comment with your go-to resources for everybody to share!