Okay, so hopefully by now you're solidly in the flow of gluten free living.  If you're still struggling, I'm so sorry!  You are by FAR not the only one, and there are lots of us who have your back.  Please reach out to someone to talk about your struggles and help find a way through them.

If you're feeling fairly comfortable (you think) with your new lifestyle, it's time to start focusing on healing rather than just maintaining.  Healing your body, your soul and your mental health is critical to succeeding!  You're probably thinking "Jeez, I just figured out how to eat again, and now I have to work on something ELSE?"  You're not wrong.  But you can handle this too.  You're already a warrior!

Now that you're no longer eating gluten, your innards are starting to heal.  This process can take a long time, even into years depending on how late in life you started this journey.  As with everything in your system, your intestines need help to heal and thrive.  Here are some steps to take:

* Bone Broth - Is very nutritious, which will help your vitamin-starved system, and has amazing healing qualities.  You can buy bone broth at many retailers, including Amazon, or you can make your own.  Do your research and decide which option is best for you.

* NSAIDs - Don't take them.  Ibuprofen and Naproxen are very difficult on your digestive system, which is already in trouble.  While it seems intuitive to take Anti-inflammatories with the issues you're having, these will actually do more harm than good.

* Natural - Cinnamon, ginger and turmeric are wonderful anti-inflammatory substances.  Add some to your morning smoothie or your cup of tea and help support the healing of your intestines.

* Self Care - If any of you are like me, you tend to take care of everybody else but you.  Stop it.  Taking care of others is an amazing thing to do and you're a wonderful person for doing it, but if your tank is empty you can't help anyone else fill theirs.  Take time to just be.  Read a book, crochet, or play an instrument.  Walk around the block, take a bike ride or go for a swim.  Give your body the movement it desperately needs, and give your mind the break it needs, and help them both catch up on being healthy again.  

You're doing great work and I'm proud of you.  Keep your chin up, you've got this.