It's Not Me, It's Gluten

It's Not Me, It's informational channel about life without gluten.  Here you'll find stories that might sound familiar, tips, tricks and more to help navigate these modern factory-driven times.  Check us out to learn more!

Who are we to talk about being gluten free?  My name is Stephanie and I have Celiac Disease.  With a diagnosis at the age of 44, learning how to adapt was difficult for my family and I.  In the interest of delicious gluten free eating, we start a dedicated gluten free bakery in Fruita, Colorado in October of 2020.  Even after only 4 months in business, the response has been outstanding!  We have really realized that those of us with Celiac Disease or gluten intolerances need a place they can feel safe talking, relating and sharing with others like us.  Although there are many blogs or channels out there centered around gluten free living, we hope you'll find a comfortable place here at It's Not Me, It's Gluten where you might feel like sharing your own story one day.